The name "Momentum," meaning the impetus gained by a moving object, describes exactly what this gallery is trying to achieve. Momentum. We believe that with a little push, we can set in motion partnerships and projects with enough mass to keep on rolling and gaining speed.

We want to give new artists the support they need to continue creating and sharing their work. The work of graduating seniors represents emerging talent that rarely gets the attention it deserves. It is the result of years of thoughtful training and refining to achieve a style and body of work that is truly powerful. We hope to give these artists the initial thrust that allows them to keep working, exploring and growing.

We want to give members of the community the chance to view and collect quality original art without sacrificing their budget. It is an opportunity for people with the desire to support local artists at the beginning of their careers and to collect meaningful works of art to start building a collection. We hope that this collection grows and fosters a lasting appreciation for thoughtful and original works of art and an understanding that quality comes in all sizes and prices.

We want to become active participants in the arts community in the North Shore of Boston. By partnering with Art Haven in Gloucester, we not only are proud members of the established art culture in Gloucester but are collaborating with an organization that fosters creative growth and exploration in the younger members of the community.

This gallery can be part of the push that brings forward motion to creativity, culture and innovation in our community. We invite you to join us in the movement.

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    A Gallery exhibit in Cape Ann Art Haven featuring the work of graduating artists from art programs in North Shore colleges. 


    May 2013
    February 2013